As Long as I Have Breath

What is the reason to pray? We come to God in prayer for many things. We ask for wisdom, for guidance, for understanding, for others’ welfare, for peace, for acceptance. We share our blessings, our gratitude, our love, our humility. Sometimes our prayers seem to be answered and other times ignored. So what then is the purpose for prayer? If we don’t get the results we expected for our prayers, what makes us keep praying?

For me, prayer is not about outcomes, but about a relationship with God. Prayer is a way to keep my heart open to all that God displays around me and sends into my path. When I pray for someone to be cured, I don’t know for certain if that will happen. But what I do know is that God heard me. And that God’s love will surround that person no matter what outcome.Scripture Because he bends down

Prayer is the foundation of my relationship with God. I empty my heart to him and he pours his spirit into me. Through prayer, I can be reflective about my life and my choices. Through prayer, I can hear the needs of others and respond. Through prayer, I can see the God in someone else. Through prayer, I can bring his heart to this messy world.

My prayers are not a child’s list to Santa for all that I want in this world.  It is my way of letting God know I will keep listening for him and know he is listening for me.  As long as I have breath.

What is the reason you keep praying?

Prayer and reflection chalkboard at Easter Lutheran

Have you seen the new chalkboard at Easter on the Hill?

You’ll find it in the gathering space, between the nursery and Fireside Room.

1186283_569564469745977_1549342808_n--Prayer Chalkboard at Easter Church

Pick up a piece of chalk and write a prayer intention. You can write a person’s first name, a symbol for your prayer, or a more general thing, such as “world peace.” There are questions appearing on the board, too–and you can write your response. Teens and children are encouraged to write their prayers, too!

This is just one of many ways to show our love for one another, as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Is any one among you suffering? Pray.
Is any one of you cheerful? Sing prayers of praise.
Is any one of you sick? Pray over the person.
In all things, pray for one another.
               (adapted from James 5:13-16)