The Fire of the Word: Meeting God on Holy Ground

Today’s reflection comes from Sam Rahberg: 

Open your heart afresh
to the living Word of God. Fire of the Word image--!cid_image001_png@01D07A79
The Bible burns with
unquenchable fire.

Before all else, God wanted you.
God draws near, yearns for you.
Can you endure and embrace
God’s meeting you in Scripture?

Read prayerfully, openly,
humbly, expectantly.
God is fully present;
we are often less so.

Allow Scripture to become internalized.
Christ offers mysteries as enticements
to come back for more.

Christ is the goal,
the destination, the end point.
How should we live
in response to Christ revealed?

Holiness—love rightly ordered—
is life in all its abundance.
As God’s grace draws us,
we increasingly reflect God’s character.

God-believing, Christ-centered,
Spirit-empowered Christians
are formed and fortified by Scripture.

Contemplative prayer is simply
enjoying friendship with God.

If your reading leads Christ-ward,
you’re doing it right.


–Reader’s poem by Samuel Rahberg, based on the book  The Fire of the Word: Meeting God on Holy Ground by Chris Webb (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2011).


More about reader’s poems: 

After I finish a good read and before I tuck it away on the shelf, I like to spend some time synthesizing what was most important to me. I use the author’s own words, varied only slightly, and follow the themes that speak most strongly to me at this time. The reader’s poem above remains a summary and serves only as my own interpretation, so I take responsibility for any deviation from the author’s original intent. Even so, may it be a helpful reflection for others and an encouragement to read a fine book in its entirety.  


Sam Rahberg is the Director of the Benedictine Center , spiritual director, and writer who offers ministerial support to both lay and ordained Christian ministers.  Sam has experience in parish education and administration and holds a master’s degree in theology from Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota. Visit Sam at .