Feeling the Effects of Many Prayers

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Caring Bridge these last few months, mostly as a writer, but sometimes to check in on friends or acquaintances.  What a terrific way to ask for and receive prayers — lots and lots of prayers, from lots and lots of people.  Nearly everyone writes that they feel the effects of these prayers in one way or another.

One of the most profound times I felt prayers working was before my husband Mike’s surgery to amputate his lower right leg.  It was a terribly difficult time, as we faced losing his leg and an unknown and profoundly changed future.  We asked for prayers on Caring Bridge, Facebook, from the people of Easter. People were praying for us left and right — people from church, the Saint Thomas Academy community where Mike is the assistant headmaster, Facebook friends, friends from high school, people we hardly knew and people we didn’t know at all!

Before surgery I was very anxious and it just felt like everything was hard.  But one morning while in the car, I felt the tension in my body, the fear in my mind and the anxiety in my heart physically melt away and be replaced by a profound sense of peace.  It was a physical transformation, as well as a spiritual and emotional one.  Every bit of me relaxed, and  I was able to rest in God’s love and tenderness. Mike must have felt it too, because the night before and the morning of surgery we were calm and completely without fear, and completely at peace.  It was weird.

I know that this feeling of peace was due to the prayers so many people were praying for Mike and for our family.  There is strength in groups, and profound strength in praying in groups.  In this case, I don’t know if a group was praying together, or if it just happened that many people were praying at the same time (yeah, right, it just happened!).  But I do know that we felt them. And they made a huge difference in how we felt and how we faced the surgery and recovery (which all went wonderfully, by the way!).