Random Acts of Kindness Tree

Family Corner Idea for Week One of Advent

Random Acts of Kindness TreeTo emphasize bringing peace through hope, create a Random Acts of Kindness Tree.  Hope brings peace through our sharing of kindness.  Kindness, especially unexpectedly, brings hope to our hearts.

It can be a branch from a tree, a small artificial tree, a tree cut from construction paper and put on a window or a door.  Your children’s imaginations may have other ideas.  The key is you need something that represents a tree.

Each day this week, encourage each member of the family, no matter how young, to perform random acts of kindness.  A random act of kindness can be many things.  Some suggestions are:

  • Holding the door open for people
  • Let others go in front of you when you’re in line
  • Pay for the next person’s order
  • Draw a picture and leave it secretly for someone else
  • Shovel the snow for someone

On the first Sunday of Advent, sit down together as a family and create your tree.  Talk about all different kinds of random kindness.  Consider when someone unexpectedly did something kind for you.  How did you feel?

There are some websites that have many ideas about random acts of kindness individuals and families can do.  Some websites are:

Each evening, have members of the family share the random acts of kindness they did that day.  Write them down on paper ornaments and hang on the tree.  Talk about how it made you feel.  Also, talk about random acts of kindness that were done for you.  How did that make you feel?  What difference did it make in your day?

On Saturday evening, look at the Random Acts of Kindness Tree and talk about what was learned about sharing hope through kindness.  Ask if everyone wants to keep doing random acts of kindness.  Celebrate with a favorite dessert or treat.  Watch the movie Pay It Forward (may not be suitable for small children as it has some sad moments – think Bambi).