By Chris Cairo

My wife quilts. She has made each of our sons, and our nieces, quilts when they graduated high school, so they would have something to remind them of home when they went off to college.

I was reminded of quilts as my plane took off from the Minot ND airport recently. The farmland around Minot looks like one gigantic quilt; a patchwork of acres put together by farmers. Made by man.

Aerial view of Pennsylvania farmland --Photo courtesy of US Dept. of Agriculture

Aerial view of Pennsylvania farmland –Photo courtesy of US Dept. of Agriculture

But it doesn’t t take me long to remember, and realize, that the beauty of nature comes from God. Man tills the land and plants the seeds that grow into crops to feed others. But God created the first seeds. God created rain, and sunlight, without which crops could not grow.

Too often we think we accomplished something all by ourselves. We consider ourselves ‘self made’ men and women. But we forget that EVERYTHING comes from the Lord.

When I have a crisis of faith (and they do happen periodically), I look at nature, and walk backwards….that tree came from a seed, that God created, watered by rain that God created, nurtured by sunlight that God created….nature’s complexity, for me, is a constant reminder that we are not a random combination of atoms, but the work, the creation, of God.

There is no other explanation.

Reminds me, once again, of my favorite bible verse: “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

You only have to pause, be still, and look at nature to be reminded of His presence.


Easter member Chris Cairo wrote the above reflection as part of his special ministry to college students and others, in which he writes to them on a monthly basis to encourage their faith to thrive in their daily lives.