Unexpected Prayer Time

Often when life gets chaotic people lament “I just don’t have time to pray”.  I can relate to this and have felt the same way when life’s constant hustle and bustle begin to overtake me.  Today as I sat in slowly moving traffic during peak rush hour, I realized what a perfect time it was to pray.  I was alone in my car.  It was quiet.  I wasn’t rushing off to do something.  Even if I had wanted to rush off somewhere to do something, I couldn’t because I was stopped in traffic.  Rather than become frustrated about the slow moving pace of traffic, I used that as an opportunity to spend some quiet time alone with God in prayer.

This experience reminded me that prayer is not so much about praying in a particular way or in a specific place.  Instead prayer is about talking and listening to God in all of life’s moments.  I Thessalonians 5:17 sums it up well “pray continually” (NIV) or “pray without ceasing” (KJV).  So the next time you feel like you don’t have time to pray, try this:  pause, take a deep breath, and remember that you can pray right where you’re at, right then and there.  Take advantage of this unexpected prayer time and rest in God’s presence.

Adding Prayer During Lent

Often people choose to give up something during Lent.  During the Ash Wednesday night service at the Lake, Pastor Paul suggested a different approach this year.  Why not decide to add in something this year?  Why not choose to focus on prayer during this Lenten season?  Prayer is the best way to keep your eyes on God.  

Prayer can take many forms.  Prayer doesn’t have to involve reviewing a laundry list of requests.  Prayer can be quietly sitting in God’s presence and enjoying His peace.  Some people choose to light a candle before they pray each morning.  The candle can serve as a reminder of God’s light that permeates the world around us.  For more ideas and thoughts on prayer, come back and visit this blog periodically.  As you pray for God to change the world, you might be surprised at how prayer changes you!