About God is Calling

God is Calling is a site to share the vibrancy of people who breathe in God and exhale his love.  It is designed to be filled with many voices of those called by God, loudly or quietly.  It is a blog of multi-generational voices, of multi-cultural voices, of multi-spiritual voices. It is a blog of joy, of hope, of brokenness, of sorrow, a rich cacophony of all the sounds of God.

It is a place to ask questions, tell stories, seek inspiration, learn about how God works in the lives of everyday people. It is not a place to preach, to judge, to carry grudges, to hurt in big or small ways.  This is a site that takes care of all of God’s sheep.  Every single one.

This is a site that asks you to deeply breath in God.   To bring him within you, cozied up between your heart and your soul.  A site that knows, when we speak, God speaks.  When we act, God acts.  When we love, God loves.

When we exhale God’s love, we let the God in us see the God in the others so they can, in turn, see the God in us. 

This blog is coordinated by Easter Lutheran Church in Eagan, Minnesota.  If you want to know more about our church click here

Easter’s vision is one of boundless energy.  It is where the name of the blog originated. It is our inspiration and our guide.  It is below.


Do you want to write for this blog or be a guest blogger?   No experience necessary.  We will edit for punctuation, spelling and grammar and still preserve your voice.

Or would you like to be part of the blog audience that answers questions designed to help you strengthen your faith, bring you hope, exhale God’s love?  A fun and simple way to be part of our community. 

Please send an email to godiscallingblog@gmail.com.




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