We’ve Changed Our Name!

The Easter Prays/Praise blog has changed its name.

Welcome to God is Calling.

We have changed the name to match Easter’s vision.  The vision is one of boundless energy.  It is this blog’s inspiration and guide.  It is below.


Want to learn more about Easter’s vision?  Click here.

The vision of the blog has changed as well.  It is designed to be a vibrant site that tells our stories and connects us more closely to each other, our community and our world.  The blog will intersect with happenings within our church and our community.

This blog will be our written version of the church narthex before or after service.  The written version of people saying hello, sharing hugs, getting caught up on each other’s lives, laughing out loud, shedding a tear.  The written version of children running around, Heart of handstheir joy being our joy, their innocence, our teacher.  It will be a blog of multi-generational voices, of multi-cultural voices, of multi-spiritual voices. It is to be a blog of joy, of hope, of brokenness, of sorrow, a rich cacophony of all the sounds of God.

Do you love to write?  Great!  We want you!   Do you have something to share but don’t think you’re a good enough writer?  Great!  We want you!  Do you think you’re too young to write for the blog but have something to say?  Great!  We want you!  Are you a confirmand or student who needs service hours?  Great!  We want you!  Do you have no idea what to write about but you think this sounds like fun?  Great!  We want you!  You’re not an Easter member, but you want in on this too?  Great!  We want you!  Do you talk better in pictures?  Great!  We want you!writing-is-the-painting-of-the-voice

Watch for more information.  We will be doing workshops on blog writing.  We will have questions that we will be putting out for short responses.  We will be asking for your photos.  We will be connecting with each other in profound ways and fun ways.  We will be connecting generations, cultures and religions.

God is calling.  And we’re going to answer!!

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