God’s love in the eyes of a child

My (almost) three-year-old daughter, Clara, recently asked my husband if she could go up to her room so that she could pray.  He then tried to explain to her how God’s is everywhere, and so she can actually pray anywhere she wants to.  My heart melted when I heard this story.  As we are learning in the summer series at church reading through Corinthians – love is intricately complicated; yet common and simple – as shown through the eyes of my daughter.  It made me realize how many other opportunities there are to teach our kids about God’s love and prayer.

The next day, I tried to think of a tactical way to help Clara understand the capacity of God.  I grabbed a glass of water, showed her salt, and mixed them together.  By the next morning, she told me she couldn’t see the salt anymore.  I then asked her if she could taste it, and with a sour face she took a sip and said that she could.  I then tried to explain to her how just like the salt, God can’t be seen…but He is everywhere!  It was like a lightbulb moment as her face lit up with a big smile!

Before bed that evening, I asked Clara what she wanted to pray about, and she said with much enthusiasm, “CANDY!”  In fact, she wanted to pray for candy the next several nights.  Although prayer is all about being authentic, I recently stumbled across this awesome 5 finger prayer to help give her some guidance.  To help her understand who God is, and how she can talk to Him through prayer.  I thought it was a pretty neat idea to share with the other parents out there!

Thumb- Praise God

Index- Confess your sins

Middle- Thank God

Ring- Pray for others

Pinky-Pray for yourself


How have you taught your children about prayer and God’s love?  Let’s share and encourage each other with inspiring ideas!

When have you had that lightbulb moment about God’s love?


Katie Larson is a member of Easter Lutheran Church.  She lives in Eagan with her husband Andrew, and their two young daughters, Clara and Audrey.  In her free time outside of working as a marketing recruiter, Katie enjoys writing on the topic of faith and parenting.


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