The Search for Peace

Family Corner Idea for Week Four of Advent – The Way of Peace through Peace

Peace candle and wreath

This week, we look at the way of peace through peace.  Peace can be elusive, especially this last week of Advent.  So this week we are searching for it in our every day.

This is a two part, but simple activity.

Part one involves talking about the meaning of peace with your family.  Ask what brings them peace.  Write each one of them down.  It can be a list on paper or each idea can be written up separately – on a paper ornament, a sticky note, whatever is easiest.  Some ideas could be:

  • A special stuffed animal
  • A walk in a quiet snowy night
  • Listening to music
  • Writing

Then ask your family to talk about examples of what could bring peace to our world.  Take turns telling one way we can show or share peace as we go about our days.

Write these on a different list.  Some examples could be:

  • Staying calm when others get upset
  • People being nice to each other, even if they don’t get along
  • Praying for someone who is scared
  • Getting to know others that are different from you
  • Serving others

Post your lists somewhere they’re sure to be seen every day.  Ask your family to check off when they see or experience any of the examples on your lists.  Talk about the ones seen or experienced each day.

Part 2 involves creating a gift of peace.  Each family member writes a wish for peace for someone else and puts it in a box or an envelope.  You can draw names so they know who they’re writing for or it can be random.  If you’re looking for things to keep kids occupied this last hectic week, have them create their own peace wrapping paper.  Using the envelopes, butcher paper, brown bags or even wrapping paper turned inside out, have them draw pictures of what peace looks like and then wrap their wish for peace gift in their paper.  On Christmas Eve, have each person open a gift of peace.  Have them read their gifted wish out loud.  These could be collected in a scrapbook and become a family tradition each year.

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