On the Lookout for Joy Stockings

Family Corner Idea for Week Three of Advent – The Way of Peace through Joy

Joy stockingThis week, we look at the way of peace through joy. Joy comes to us every day but we’re either too busy to stop and recognize it or focused on the things that aren’t going right. This week we are going to notice joy.

You’re going to need a stocking. You can use one you have, make one of felt or go old school and just use one of those socks whose twin was eaten by the dryer. You can decorate it, write joy on it or just use it as it is. The most important thing is to hang it somewhere everyone will see it every day. A magnetic hook on the refrigerator is just one way of making it noticeable.

Have pieces of paper nearby so joy sightings can be easily jotted down and dropped into the stocking.

So many things can bring joy. Some examples:
• A beautiful sunset
• A baby’s laugh
• Song
• Joke
• A good story
• A compliment
• Funny movie

This is the website where I found this idea. It has many great ways to celebrate the Christmas season in meaningful, family ways. Other Ideas Link

On Saturday, pour out all the joy sightings and read them. Share what made it all joyful. Watch a fun movie. Some suggestions:
• The Very First Noel – good for little ones
• Frosty the Snowman
• Home Alone
• Miracle on 34th Street

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