Love Notes

Family Corner Idea for Week Two of Advent

This week, we will look at the way of peace through love.  Nothing says love more than a love note.  There is a two step approach this week.

Step 1.  On the first day of this week of Advent, have each family member write a “love” letter to someone outside the immediate family.  The letter can describe what the recipient has meant to or done for the writer.  It can describe what the recipient does to show love for the world.  It can speak of the peace that recipient radiates and how that has inspired and impacted the write.  The letters don’t need to be long, only heartfelt.  Have each family member share who they are writing to and what caused them to choose that person.

Peace be with you 2

Step 2.  Hearts of Peace.  Make heart shaped notes from paper.  It can be construction paper, printer paper, brown grocery bag paper.  Whatever is handy.  On each heart, write “Peace be with you.”  Carry them with you throughout the week and pass them out.  You can hand them out to:

  • Strangers
  • Co-workers
  • Other students
  • Teachers
  • Pastors and all that work in the church
  • Anyone who serves you at a retail store, the drycleaners, coffee shops.
  • Doctors, nurses, police, fire fighters, city workers
  • Mailpersons, garbage collectors, Fed Ex delivery persons
  • Anyone

There are websites that have many ideas about writing love notes.  Some websites are:

Each evening, have members of the family share who they gave Hearts of Peace to that day.  Talk about how it made you feel to share the peace with others.  What difference did it make in your day?

Saturday, watch A Charlie Brown Christmas or other favorite Christmas movie.

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