Inviting Miracles Into Your Life

Family Corner Idea for Advent’s Week Three – A Promise Each of Us Is Invited Into

You’re Invited!

This week is all about invitations. The focus is on generosity and hospitality, making room in our hearts and lives for others.

Create an invitation list for the week. Use one sheet of paper or tape several together. Poster board can be used as well. Place it somewhere every will see it. A door is a great place.

At the top of the page write, “Our guest list”

Talk to your family about how we can show hospitality or generosity to others. Write down all the ideas and hang it beside the guest list. Some ways to invite people into your world:

  • Say hello and smile when you pass someone in a hallway, on a sidewalk, on the street
  • Talk to others in a checkout line
  • Sit beside someone in church you don’t know and start a conversation
  • Serve those who are hungry, homeless or hopeless
  • Have a party

At the end of each day, talk about who each family member invited into their world today. Write them down on the guest list. If their name isn’t known, use a descriptive phrase such as “woman in blue coat on the sidewalk”.

On Saturday evening, look at the list and talk about all the ways each person showed generosity and hospitality. Share how it felt to reach out to others. Was it awkward or uncomfortable sometimes. How did people respond? What was the most special reaction? Talk about how you can continue to show generosity and hospitality throughout the year.

Celebrate with a favorite dessert or treat.

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