A Dry Wafer and a Dribble of Wine

I am the Bread of Life

‘I am the bread of life, he who comes to me shall not hunger, he who believes in me shall not thirst……”Featured image

Reflection Excerpt:  This first week in Advent started with a promise made and it ends with a promise kept.  In that act of communion of a dry wafer and a dribble of wine, we acknowledge God’s promise made and kept.

Dear God, …….As this first week of Advent ends, thank you for pulling me closer, whispering your love into my moments and giving me a heart that wants so much to listen well and let you lead me.  I know when I keep my heart open to you, my soul fills up on your love through my daily interactions in your world.  In a quest to keep filling up on your love, Amen.

To see the entire devotion for today, December 6th, go to http://easter.org/wordpress/?page_id=9225

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