Finding the Faith of Mary and Joseph

Jeremiah 29:11  “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.“

Imagine Mary or Joseph reading these words as they embarked on their journey to parenthood.  They didn’t have, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting the Child of God” to rely on.  They just had God’s promises and an unbreakable faith.  They believed in God’s promise without proof. Featured image

Today, let God light your heart, make you whole with his comfort, give rebirth to your hope and open you to the pathway of His peace. Think about what that might look like in your day. Consider what it means for God to light your heart. What can that mean for your responses to your day? If God makes you whole with his comfort today, how does that heal your broken places? If your hope is given a rebirth, what plans can you make for your life? If you have God’s peace within you, how can you respond and care for others who cross your path today? If you truly consider this, you can come closer to understanding how Mary and Joseph said a ready yes.

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