BIG Promise Board

Family Corner Idea for Advent Week One – A Promise Big Enough to Save

Create a BIG Promise Board. It can be a white board, chalkboard, bulletin board, made of poster board, construction paper taped together to make a large sheet or it can be a door or window where notes can be taped.Featured image

Have each member of the family make one BIG promise they are willing to try to keep for the first week of Advent. A BIG promise can be many things. Some suggestions are:

  • Be nice to my sisters and brothers.
  • Listen to my parents.
  • Listen to my children.
  • Turn off the TV for the week.
  • Be kind to everyone I meet, even the grumpy and rude.

Have each person write down their promise on a piece of paper and put their name on it. Put each person’s BIG promise on the Promise Board. Talk about what will get in the way of keeping the promise and how that can be handled. Write those ideas on a piece of paper for each promise and put those on the board as well. If a child can’t read or write yet, have them draw a picture of their BIG promise.

Each evening, have members of the family share how they kept their promise today. Write them down and put them on the Promise Board. Talk about how hard or easy it was to keep the promise and how obstacles were handled. Write those down and put them on the promise board too.

On Saturday evening, look at the BIG Promise Board and talk about what was learned about promise keeping. Ask if everyone wants to try and keep their promise for another. Celebrate with a favorite dessert or treat.

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