Spreading the Good News and Holy Spirit Prayer

Do you use social media to express your faith? To spread the good news of  Christ’s mercy and love? To post a friendly and encouraging word?

A recent sermon at Easter Lutheran focused on spreading the gospel, and I thought how some of us do that today using social media. Like the first disciples, we spread Jesus’ message of love, forgiveness, and healing, in the public venue without even leaving our chairs. It still amazes me. If you enjoy using social media, you might think about some ways you could combine your gifts for words and photos with the gospel message online. One way to do this is to create a Facebook page devoted to spreading Jesus’ words to others, in much the same way some of you have created business pages online.

So I thought today I would share with you a prayer I posted on my public Facebook page, Spiritual Drawing Board. This prayer arose in me this morning, as I was thinking about Pentecost.

Many Christians celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Pentecost Sunday, 50 days after Easter (this year, June 8). Traditionally, some Christians in the past prayed everyday to the Holy Spirit for nine days ahead of the Pentecost. This practice was a kind of devotion and spiritual way of preparing for the celebration of God’s Spirit with us and within us.

Below is the prayer I posted on Facebook…and I invite you to treat this moment as a devotion/prayer time for yourself.

Open sign--Julie McCarty--Spiritual Drawing Board--Eagan MN


Thinking about upcoming feast of Pentecost,
the celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit.
Join me in prayer? ...

O God,
I believe your Holy Spirit is within me, but please
help me not to “close” the door to your loving presence.
May my heart (soul) expand more and more within,
fretting less about myself
and allowing your Holy Spirit to live and move and act
more fully within my life each day.
Give me open ears, that I might hear You,
open mind, that I might think more clearly about You,
and open heart, that I might love You
and all your beloved people
more fully each day.
This I ask in the love of Christ,
and in the communion of the Holy Spirit,